Root Canal

Typically, root canal treatment is a procedure used to save a tooth from infection or abcess.  Root canal treatment may be indicated due to pain from infection, trauma to a tooth, recurrent decay, issues with bad occlusion or bite, or nerve necrosis (or death).  This treatment is particularly helpful to keeping teeth in place that would otherwise require extraction or removal.

Teeth are composed of three different layers: The hard outer layer of enamel, the middle layer of more sensitive dentin, and the inner layer of pulp.  A tooth’s pulp is in the cavernous space where the tooth connects to the nerve through the root canals.  Under normal circumstances, the pulp has no exposure to the outside world. During one’s lifetime, the pulp may become diseased due to a variety of reasons (decay, trauma, deep fillings, cracks, etc.). This can be extremely painful and lead to an abscess if left untreated. Elimination of the diseased pulp can be accomplished in two ways: extracting the tooth or saving the tooth by performing endodontic (root canal) therapy.

Root canal treatment is an procedure in which your dentist will remove the dead and dying infected tissue.

Thanks to modern anesthetics and techniques, root canal therapy can be completed without pain and discomfort.  In the event of a dental infection, removing the nerve tissue from inside a decayed and infected tooth will actually provide significant and almost immediate relief from pain.  Advanced techniques, tools, and materials make the procedure faster and more comfortable than ever before. Most treatments last between 30 and 60 minutes.


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