Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported DenturesImplant Supported Dentures (or Overdentures) are dentures that are created to attach or “snap” into implants that are anchored into the jaw bones. This procedure is ideal for patients that are looking for a more stable denture option that does not require the use of adhesives, allowing them to eat more comfortably, speak with confidence, smile and laugh with less movement of the denture, eliminate gagging, and reduce long term dental bone loss.

Implant Supported DenturesYour Briter Dental dentist will review your treatment options and create a customized plan that can include overdentures, when indicated. Your dentist and a selected Oral Surgeon will then work together as a team to create a step-by-step treatment plan that will cover both the surgical phase (where the implants are placed) to the restorative phase (where the dentures are delivered). Overdentures are a unique treatment option that uses state of the art technology in producing a denture that feels secure and natural to your bite. Call Briter Dental today for more information regarding all of your dental health care needs and find out what procedures are best for you!

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