Geriatric Care

Briter Dental is proud to offer compassionate geriatric care to Houston’s senior population.  We offer our full suite of comprehensive dental services–preventative, restorative, and cosmetic–to those 65 and older, with special consideration and concern for our elderly patients.  With early morning appointments available and sensitivity to all financial situations, we welcome the opportunity to resolve issues of tooth decay, missing teeth, dry mouth, and more.

Dental Challenges Faced by Seniors

Compared with other demographics, many seniors face challenges that can make maintaining good oral health a constant battle.  For example, arthritis pain in the hands can make a tough to hold a toothbrush and toothpaste difficult to squeeze out of the tube.  Dry mouth is also a very common concern in seniors, as upwards of 500 medications (many of which are commonly taken by seniors) list the condition of dry mouth as a side effect.  Even time itself causes problems, as teeth wear down and gums recede with daily usage.  Simply getting to the dentist for a checkup can be an issue for many seniors due to lack of transportation, mobility issues, and other hurdles. Nearly one-fourth of seniors 65 and up have not visited a dentist within the last five years, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Aging doesn’t have to lead to dental problems; in fact, with better education and healthier oral habits, seniors are retaining more of their teeth than ever before.  Still, the average number of teeth in a person over 65 years of age is just under 19 (out of a possible 32).

In addition to dry mouth and tooth loss, common dental issues seen in seniors include:

  • tooth decay (the most prevalent chronic disease in seniors)
  • gum disease
  • stained/discolored teeth
  • chips, breaks, and general wear
  • problems associated with tooth loss such as teeth misalignment, difficulty chewing, biting, and speaking, grinding, resorption, jaw joint pain, etc.


At Briter Dental, we are proud to be able to care for our older patients, who have specific needs and goals that are unique to their age and overall health.

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