Preventive Dentistry Houston

Preventative dentistry is the most effective way to preserve your oral health and keep your smile beautiful. Our office believes prevention is the most effective way to protect your teeth and gums. We work to provide care to people of all ages, from childhood to old age, and offer care to every member of the family. Preventative dentistry allows us to identify problems in the early stages, and may help avoid problems altogether. This will lower treatment costs, avoid painful invasive procedures, and allow you to live your life with the best smile possible.

Preventive Dental Visits

Preventative dentistry is most evident in the regular examinations and cleanings that are recommended every six months. Your examination includes a comprehensive check of everything in your general dentist’s jurisdiction, including teeth, gums, and jaw function, and you will be screened for oral diseases from tooth decay to even some forms of cancer. Often these preventative visits reveal problems that a patient may not have been aware of. Potential or existing cosmetic concerns can also be detected through preventative dentistry. Children often require additional preventative services, such as fluoride treatments or the application of sealants to new molars to protect them from future decay.

Preventative dentistry is much more affordable and comfortable than restorative care. Treatments for reconstructions or restorations can cost thousands of dollars, hurting both your mouth and your wallet.

Patient Education

Dentists partner with their patients in preventative care by emphasizing patient education. Patients who are well-informed about their oral health are more likely to follow good hygiene guidelines and give their teeth proper care at home. Daily flossing, brushing twice daily and a healthy diet can all contribute to keeping teeth and gums in top condition.

You may have specific requirements for preventative care as well. For example, a child who plays sports may benefit from a custom mouth guard that protects against broken teeth. A person with bruxism may need to wear a custom night guard to prevent grinding and wearing down their teeth.

You Can Benefit from Preventive Care

Preventative care is for people of every age. No matter how long it has been since your last visit to the dentist, you can benefit from preventative oral care. Our office welcomes people of all dental backgrounds to help them preserve and protect their natural teeth and prevent the need for intervention.

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