Pediatric Dentistry

What is a Pediatric Dentistry?

At Briter Dental, we love treating families, and that includes your little ones.  By providing continuous care over a long duration of time, we area able to help prevent and maintain the primary and secondary dentition while making adjustments for any changes in the dental bite that may arise during the developmental stages.  Preventative care is of the utmost importance when treating pediatric patients, which is why your dentist may review hygiene techniques and tools, the use of sealants and fluoride, as well as the effect of diet on the pediatric mouth.  Early intervention and proper dental practices can make a child much less likely to develop dental problems – such as cavities or mal positioned teeth and bite as they progress into adolescence and then adulthood.


Your child’s pediatric dentist at Briter Dental will likely spend a lot of time with your child, teaching the child how to properly care for their teeth and gums. This dental education – at an early age – can stay for a child for a lifetime, establishing regular, healthy dental habits such as flossing and proper tooth brushing.

Your Family Dentists Comfort Children

A positive dental experience – especially for a young child – is likely to result in the child growing into an adult who is comfortable with routine dental care and who regularly get dental checkups. Establishing a good relationship with their own dental needs, at a young age, means your child is going to have fewer dental problems as they age.

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